Music Samples

Music Samples

Sample selections from seven works commissioned by Intermezzo by clicking on the hyperlinks. 

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The New England Chamber Opera Series

Click here for a Video sample (courtesy Peter Poulos, Diversified Video)

Music and libretto by James Yannatos; Agassiz Theater Octber 1-2, 2011.  The cast included Charles Blandy, David Kravitz, D’Anna Fortunato, Gregory Zavracky, Natalie, Polito, Thomas Oesterling, Paul Soper, John Whittlesey, Jonathan Price and Taylor Horner. Edward Jones, conductor; Kirsten Cairns, stage director, set by William A. Fregosi, lighting by Wiston Limauge.

A Place of Beauty

Listen to audio selections:   Worth Trio     Berenson Scene     An Idea       Boston Matron’s Rant      Isabella’s Lament       Finale 

Music by Robert Edward Smith, libretto by William A. Fregosi and Fritz Bell; premiered at the The Boston Conservatory Theater on May 14-15, 2011.  The cast included Barbara Kilduff, Janna Baty, Paul Guttry, Paul Soper, and Ray Bauwens.David Feltner, conductor; Kirsten Cairns, stage director, production by William A. Fregosi

Music by Charles Shadle, libretto by Michael Ouellette was premiered at the Mass College of Art on May 16-17, 2008.  The cast included Gale Fuller, John Whittlesey,  Jason McStoots, and Ray BauwensJames Busby, conductor; stage director, Andrew Ryker; production by William A. Fregosi

  Thursday Afternoons       Stay Carrie, Stay       The Bridge      Trio      Finale


An Intermezzo commission by Thomas Oboe Lee, libretto by Jesse Martin, The Inman Diaries is a two act opera based on the 155 volumes of diaries of Arthur Crew Inman, who lived in Boston’s Garrison Hall from 1920 until his death by suicide in 1963.  It is scored for eight singers and an orchestra of 7 players.  It was premiered at the Mass College of Art on September 14-16, 2007.  The cast included Ray Bauwens, Gale Fuller, John Whittlesey, Cheryl Medeiros Nancarrow, Kristen Watson, Joei Perry Marshall, Jason McStoots, and Sepp Hammer; James Busby, conductor; stage director, Andrew Ryker; production by William A. Fregosi

Prologue       Umbrella Duet       Roosevelt’s New Deal   Quartet & Ella’s Scene       Empire State Building        Epilogue

Verlaine and Rimbaud

An Intermezzo commission by David Paul Gibson, Verlaine and Rimbaud is a one act opera based on the works and the  tumultuous relationship between two of France’s most famous poets.  It is scored for four singers, violin and piano.  It was premiered at the Berklee College of Music’s David Friend Recital Hall on January 7 & 9, 2005.  The cast included John Whittlesey as Paul Verlaine, Aaron Sheehan as Arthur Rimbaud, Kaja Shuppert as Mathilde Verlaine, and Sharon Brown as Mme. Maute; James Busby, piano; Stanislav Antonevich, violin; production by David Paul Gibson

1) Morning star about to pale   2) She cannot know    3) Calm, in the half light    4)  Trio-I am truly alone    5) The sky above the roof   6) Maybe an evening waits   

An Intermezzo commission by composer Charles Shadle and librettist Michael Ouellette, A Question of Love is set in 1947 on the Maine coast and is scored for five singers, violin, cello and piano.  It was premiered at the Hackmatack Playhouse, Berwick, ME on Sept 3-4, 2004 with a third performance at MIT’s Little Kresge Theater, Cambridge, MA.  The cast included John Whittlesey as Carter Winslow, Cheryl Medeiros Nancarrow as Jane Winslow, Joseph Demarest as Ted O’Reilly, Jason McStoots as Talbot Winslow, and Jena Eison as Betsy.  James Busby, piano; Dawn Perlner, violin, and Rob Bethel, cello. 

1) Opening  2) Ted’s Aria  3) Carter & Jane duet  4)  Carter’s aria  

5) Talbot’s aria  6) Quintet  7) Finale

The Letter

Brian Hulse’s The Letter, Intermezzo’s first commission based on “The Dilletante” by Edith Wharton; Cheryl Medeiros Nancarrow as Mrs. Vervain, John Whittlesey as Thursdale, James Busby, piano; premiered February 9, 2003, Community Music Center of Boston

 1) “absurd!”     2) “you…”    3)  “have you been-”     4)  “when I told her…”   5) “there will be no punishment…”

All Gold Canyon

Brian Hulse’s All Gold Canyon, an Intermezzo commission based on the short story by Jack London; John Whittlesey, baritone; Jenny Tang, piano

All Gold Canyon Sample

The Game

Part three of a tryptic of Jack London inspired operas, Brian Hulse’s The Game is a 28 minute work based on Jack London’s novella “The Game.” It was premiered May 2004 at the David Friend Recital Hall, Boston and performed later that month with The Letter on the Millennium Stage at the Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C. Krista River, mezzo-soprano, Mark Lubas, tenor, John Whittlesey, baritone, Jenny Tang, piano.

1)  look at me…  2)  just a few months ago…  3)  in this corner…   

4)  round one…  5)  I was going to be married…

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